Tamara Willems

peaceful assistance

Friday is, as it happens
my day
best served when it begins with the steady stream
emptying the house,  for a time
of its occupants
except for me and a general assortment
of wildlife
dogs, cats, birds, hedgehog,
a day in which I
might spread myself out thinly,  on all surfaces
but of course mostly
in the garden

it begins with a quiet descend
then commune with
a book
I opt this morning to reacquaint myself with my chair
by the window
my husband already outside
then he goes
not long before the Blues in the crab apple
are here to say good morning

I take my camera and begin
my morning walk
of gratitude, watching the light
in the company of butterflies and bees
quite quickly I find myself in perfect contentment
under sunny skies, wandering slow
talking only to myself, and this lovely butterfly
that keeps stopping to pose just in front of me
even after I assure him, I have indeed gotten his
good side

it is wonderfully peaceful, and I think to myself
this is it,  right here
to gladly spend one’s days

from across the street I hear a neighbour
yell out in quite a nasty tone
to what one can only hope by the words used,
may be a dog and not a
(although I am not sure that
sounds any better)
and even though I cannot see anything outside my own gate
it still proves to startle
and has me missing my old neighbours

it sort of managed to sneak in, this beginning of
slightly camouflaged by other bothersome stuff
but I can tell when I start to
feel like time and my season, is fleeting
when insides begin again to
where some days have been too busy
where I become much too
to fight with those in charge of mis-

late in the week, someone I know
blasts their narrow-minded, racist, violent, anger filled bile
onto my feed
where others I know then ‘like’ this post
and even though I know by whence this comes
it hits me like a sharp pierce to my flesh
and for a short time, I allow it to
bleed out
as a way to rid myself of hidden and outright

repeatedly it seems, we are drawing our lines in the sand
of what we will and will not take
and swearing off allowing ourselves
to be hurt
by out-sized egos and stupidity
yet to be aware
in this world, to remain
to hope
I suppose means that we are always asking for some kind
of bruising
like the delicate skin of a peach

from the corner of my eye
driveway side
I see the neighbour readying some sort of
chemical cocktail for spraying
to guard I guess,  against

makes me wonder
why it is, the we of this world
cannot seem to

to life
and each other

as never do I understand
how it serves us

to do
otherwise ♥

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