Tamara Willems

in your pure light…

Feels a bit like it’s been the longest month
this week,
(and today’s only Wednesday)
I have this friend (ya know)
who finds herself once again, so very frustrated
by work, that she is (not completely)powerless to change
being the wise woman that I am
I tell her time and time again,
Life is too short, to allow someone else to make you
this unhappy
and I tell her, I do not recommend carrying things
in your body, things with spikes
that have the power to make
small holes
she hears me, I know…  but
she needs the paycheque so she tries to
keep her head down
and spends her days sending up prayers for those she knows
that they
may make it through their days
in kindness

then a message comes that
someone so very pure of heart
light and grace
someone so very kind and loving, strong and
mighty and magnificent
in need

she stares for a minute in stunned
heart pounding, caught in her throat
as she slowly sinks to a whole
at the bottom of the ocean

then she gets up, takes a walk outside to her garden
stops just there, where the light shines
on a single perfect white rose
she takes a deep breath
and waits a minute
the divine

right, I say, just then
looks like we’ve got some work to do.

To you dear friend of my heart,
I know well you are surrounded by love and kindness
and that by the purity of both
you are made

still, I am keeping you in mine
for any extra little bit
you may

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