Tamara Willems

between the few…

From my kitchen window
for a few brief minutes, I can see
a gorgeous pale blue sky
and the softest powder puff clouds
sailing over
even though most of the day has been
overcast and

from my kitchen window
for a few brief minutes, I can believe
that the world is kind
and we are lovingly accepting
of each other
even though yet one more unarmed man
has been shot
in the
while we watch

I’ve been thinking lately about accepting the things
we cannot change
and the very necessity to change the things
we simply

as I am reading Walking With the Wind
A Memoir of the Movement by John Lewis

and reflecting on the courage, strength and dignity
of those who fought to end discrimination, segregation
and disenfranchisement
yet how some sixty years later, feeding on a steady diet
of fear and complacency
we, of the privileged shades still cannot
treat our fellow man, woman or child
as decent human beings
where some will call on their ‘god’ to bless a nation
that will uniform and arm those
who swear to
yet repeatedly,  irrationally shoot first
no questions later

this week too, as the world swirls
I am sending love to a friend
who battles her own kind of injustice
in a crisis of health that certainly no one deserves to fight
and least of all a loving soul as she
who is built with the kind of strength and beauty
as cannot be taken
and she handles all struggles with grace

while at home, we mourn the loss
of a beloved pet, such a dear little life
come to an end, before our eyes
leaving us powerless to help
knowing well, that loss is indeed a very real part
of life
still, we are left quite
in washes of great sadness

these are the things I am thinking about today
with the words of Jane Hirshfield in my head,

“How fragile we are, between the few good moments.”

as I walk, and look for things
to be thankful

like the roses ♥

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