Tamara Willems

late summer feels like…

This morning the gardens have that
late summer feel
I won’t say fall, cause
we’re not there yet, there’s no need to
fading beauties on sturdy stems browning just
around the edges
puffball mushrooms under the tree
more blackish now, than white
most of the milkweed has been left to the aphids
and ants
the vegetable garden thins a little
and the poor maples, suffered in that oppressive heat
having been dropping leaves for quite some time
after several grey days
the sun, thankfully has returned
to brighten things up
and to warm
even more to be appreciated as the air
begins to cool
this time of year most often comes with an
abandonment of sorts
I start to leave the gardens much to themselves
(not really unlike the rest of the year)
I do love a self-seeder, so I leave much to the birds
and the rest are free
to fall where they may
a few perennials have been re-positioned
as we have begun to plant out the front lawn
with an eye to doing less

we take this familiar walk together, look around
at things
more still to divide
and bits to be trimmed
on the fallish to-do lists
the large pergola needs supporting
as well as shoring up one of the bird feeders
and an almost full renovation
on another
before winter feeding begins
we watch the bees
look at what we’ve accomplished
where we sow, where we
talk of things we can do better
plans for next year’s

I tell him, tomorrow is our anniversary
twenty-eight years of walking
this way

gratefully so,

still feels like
the most wonderful thing ♥

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