Tamara Willems

from where i sit…

My husband busies himself
in the kitchen
he has had his coffee and his read
he is up to get on with the day
while I
am content to sit in the comfort
of my chair
and get well stuck in to my book
barely a hundred pages in, I have decided
that yes
definitely, Warren Buffet and I
could be friends (I think he’d be ok with this too)
a noise by the back door and I glance up
then do a double take at the morning light
as it falls across the kitchen wall
above the counter
I pause, I can feel this in my chest
this light, this particular
something I love, just
and this has me thinking of how very much
I do
I do love from the inside out
I purposely make it a habit to say it
when I am thinking it
I try to make sure I actively send it out
every day
to you who may be needing it
(and even, if you don’t)
I do love the sun how magnificently it shines
how warm and soothing it feels
on skin
and the clouds
the very blueness of the sky
I do love the vast varying wildness and
of nature in my garden
the promise always, of things to come
and the birds
I love kindness, I so love kindness
and romance too
when it comes with kisses from out of the blue
and laughter
I do love to laugh,

I love a Sunday at the grocery store,
when he is home on a split shift from work,
where my hand
rubs his back as I chatter away
and realize somehow
have lost

to love with notice, with attention, with
where every day, the same simple things
feel new
to begin and end each day
with gratitude
for you

might not sound like much
from where I sit…

I do love this view ♥

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