Tamara Willems

drawn in to love…

What if we allow ourselves to be
drawn in to love
by goodness

not drawn in to hate
by malicious intent

to not celebrate in the disparity
of some
while in a fight for fair and just-ness
for all

what if we think first
with hearts open
and act first, with mouths

what if we voluntarily took to the path
kindness in droves
and surrounded each other
in thoughts
well being

what if each day, we sent out to the world
letters of love
from secret admirers of
life and

shared with each other beautiful things
and simple things, forgiveness


what if more often we said our I love you’s
to the living
and our thank you’s
to the gone

what if we each took a moment
to breathe

to look up at the vastness
of the sky
and remember that we ourselves
are divine

how then, do you think
would take your next step
in this world?

“A good deed doesn’t just evaporate and disappear. Its consequences saturate the universe and the goodness that happens somewhere, anywhere, helps in the transfiguration of the ugliness.”
~ Desmond Tutu

*go ahead then… be love ♥

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