Tamara Willems

the i in ahimsa…

Yesterday afternoon while sweeping up
in the greenhouse where I work
I quite accidentally got a grasshopper caught up
in the broom
rather gravely too, I think
and felt so terribly terrible
apologizing to him over and over
I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry I’m so sorry
the guilt of unintentional wounding stayed,
with me

Ahimsa the practice of do no harm, based in simple (and not so simple)
kindness, speaks of
and this is my centre
where my heart
finds its true
to do no harm

this day, and every day I send love
into the world
in ways that I can
and consciously offer up my gratitude
for that which I receive
also being a practice
loving kindness

what I have to offer
today is
apologies and forgiveness,
kindness, love and
gratitude for all things
simple things

a dedication
to trying again another day
and again,
to doing
than the last

Where in the world would we be
if we too made it a

to do… no harm

and couldn’t we
at least
try ♥

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