Tamara Willems

half a bubble off plumb…

When you have
anchored your very you-ness
in love

find this day, you are so perfectly ensconced
in the disastrous-ness of a
potentially combustible
bad mood

and despite warning those in
close proximity
of highly explosive materials contained
the dogs still insist on being underfoot
and refuse to heed all warnings
forcing one to internalize ire
and smoke repeatedly
to rise
from one’s ears

in appropriate response
each of your furry companions
then curls up on the floor
and promptly goes to sleep
not the least bit
by your

out to the garden
for a necessary bit
of fresh air
relax your jaw,
release your shoulders


it is then that you
come to be reminded of

and how small
seemingly insignificant things
can also
bring you back around
to the unconditional

love ♥

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