Tamara Willems

and i love you more…

How on earth to remain loving and kind
in these our strange days
let me tell you all I know,
if you fill yourself up, with unequivocal gladness
with simple easily sustained joys
with boundless, bound-
fill yourself so very full
overtly indulge in loving
if you smile at the sun
and sail
with the clouds
laugh when you can and cry
when you need
say thank you and thank you
and thank you again
say I see you, I hear you and I appreciate you
too, but say it often
and mean it and really, really
care about your words, and your
steps and the trail that you
and when you speak to yourself
(as much as I do)
make sure to say things most
loving and
as you know well, from time to time
you will need this

fill yourself so full of love
that all the light
of the world
is sure to

right through ♥

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