Tamara Willems

even this…

This morning, I wanted to write,
but suffering a bit from monkey mind
just haven’t made the uninterrupted time
wanted to tell you again that just 600 pages in
to this book I’m reading
how very much I love Warren Buffett
even though I have no real knowledge of investing, business
or any real interest in
yet now that we have spent so much time together
we really are, Warren and I
becoming fast
well, not exactly sure how he feels about me

but I really do like him

what comes along with this drunken bunch of
wildly kicking up a ruckus with a constant
chattering in my head
is a bit of anxiety over unknown things
that tend to stir up my insides
with a churning sort of
a slight bit of short tempered-ness
and above all
the necessary attention to
self- kindness

what I did manage to do today
was to take my morning walk of gratitude
in the garden
I gazed up at the sky, took deep breaths
said hello to the world
and smiled
I sent out some love and a large bit of
kindness to a few friends and
and then a good bit extra
on autumn leaves
to drift as they will
on to your path
should you find yourself

and then…
after paying some bills, and a short tidying up
of some business-y things
I came upon this,  
from the very timely Kai Skye,

“From the very beginning, she had a skin that felt the wind & sun & rain that touched the earth & each night she heard the whispered dreams of the people & she carried all of that softly within her everywhere she went

& what makes you think that is different than you, who does the very same thing with all that you love?”  

and then somehow it felt
like this

enough ♥

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