Tamara Willems

just another day to begin…

Simple comforts to be grateful for,

sunshine to begin…
most especially after a bit of blustered in  

books to read, books to finish 
books to open for the very first  
so much to learn, so much to value and  
good writers, good humour, good 
good, good knowledge 

a nourishing chat with my Mother on her birthday 
delicately touching on  
times of weighted responsibility 
with kindness and 
to an  
ease of years passing 
gorgeous butternut squash soup 
with rustic spicy homemade croutons 
made by my lovely husband 
lovingly devoured and also appreciated 
by me 
deliciously warming from the inside 

the softest, nicest, bringing-everything-to-this-one-moment-right-here 
lingering kind of kisses 
a multitude of blessings savoured in  
each one 
given and received, intentionally  
before he heads off to work 
the house unusually empty 
except me 
instantly turning the volume up loud 
grab a basket of laundry, 
align oneself in gratitude 

for the great surrounding of love and gratefulness
manifesting in this 
in this body
regardless of the weight, the cold 
of passing days

to always finding oneself 
absorbing light 
and today, 
for just another day

sunshine ♥ 

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