Tamara Willems

and in the morning, sun…

December blows in all wild and wintry 
possibly reminding us how nice it can be 
last night, winter wonderland 
this morning…  the sun, 

everything glistens 
outside interesting lumps and bumps 
and heaps of snow 
mysterious works of art, of things 
left unattended 
sat in the queue of good intentions  
of getting to the storing away  
for a season 

this morning, shoulders ache having borne the weight 
of heavy wet snow and a shovel 
grateful still, that I am  
and for a loving husband who takes on  
of the heavy lifting 
as happens when the snow arrives 
memories of our lovely neighbours gone now 
but not forgotten 
supposing I don’t so much miss the extra labour, 
but the kind deeds 
our Ted barks when he hears a voice across the street 
expecting a friendly face 
but it’s not the same 
in the garden I notice my dear dogwood  
bowed low to the ground 
also bearing a great weight 
pause here for a few words with the gods 
or goddesses 
or the mother of nature 
that this one survives such a piling on 
strong enough to bend 
and all that 

today appears to be  
most beautiful day 
and so I tell it that 
expanding a grateful heart 
while taking in a deep inhale of 

and thinking of you, I say 
please allow yourself at least a minute today 
to be eight again 
to marvel at the great mounds of snow 
and all the delight this holds 
except of course if it were me 
at eight, I’d already be done with this stuff 
frozen toes and all 
still, might you find a way to be grateful 
for the beauty it contains 

and feed the birds ♥

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