Tamara Willems

as far as the heart can reach…

A morning walk of gratitude in the garden,
I notice the last of my roses
lies face down in the dirt, a little bit frozen
in time…

last night I sit down to dinner,
and think how very fortunate I am  
to have a husband who is a spectacular cook 
and who will make separate vegetarian meals  
just for me 
with enough to last a few days 
so that on nights when I am tired 
having come in from work 
when after feeding the kids, I am less likely 
to bother feeding myself 
there is something wonderfully delicious 

and because when my work day is through 
his is often just beginning 
I think this, then  
send him a message 
to say, I love you 

this morning after a fitful night of broken sleep 
where shoulders, elbows, hands and fingers 
I’m thinking of you,  
and what you might be going through 
your own thoughts of how in the world am I  
to carry this 
the mysterious hiccups of life 

as it was, I went up the stairs last night 
having just heard the news of someone’s death 
addictions and mental health  
at the cost 
someone I didn’t know, but have passed in the street 
someone whose anguish was felt 
maybe not mine to carry either, 
but still 

again then, I send out I love you’s 

this afternoon, covid restrictions go into red 
just one small step from another lockdown  
making hugs so very far from 
and those around us so very, very dear 

so I send out thank you’s, I love you’s 
and how very much  
I appreciate 

‘cause what I’m thinking is 
wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone
received one of these

the world touches you
and you
touch the world

just one  
small thing ♥

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