Tamara Willems

one morning in December…

This morning I am up early, happy to resume my deep dive into a most
interesting book, which feels almost
to be blowing the top of my head off in quite an
enthralling and enriching sort of

also this morning reveling in the blessing of
covid test in my family
coming back negative in nature
a collective sigh of great relief settles in
our house
as well as always, gratitude for the aptitude of
modern medicine-neers

too this morning, I forgo the constant repetitive feed of news
and instead gladly read of incredible advances and
breakthroughs in research, science and medicine
in mutual combined efforts to contain, contend or even
cure this troublesome menacing virus
in these difficult perplexing times, it is ever hopeful
to read encouraging things

as ever these days it is baffling to me
the absolute arrogance
of the conspiracy theorists
who somehow believe themselves to be
so much smarter than top minds in their fields
who currently risk all in efforts to bring healing

I suppose in this, as in most things
I am quite willing to relinquish my ‘expertise’ and wealth of knowledge
to the world-wide solvers of suffering

the sun has most generously made its reappearance today
so I take myself out for a mid-morning wander
a drifting of sorts along with
the wisps of white against a beautiful blue
a chat
with the birds
of grateful things like kindness
connection and generosity
goodness, graciousness and
surprise gifts from dear friends,
words that warm
and love
count these among the blessings of the season
of Christmas

then send them out to you
on wings

I wish you well my friends,
May all these blessings and more
surround you always

and may this indeed
find you safe, loving
and whole ♥

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