Tamara Willems

tidings of great joy…

Something so simple, so very
this year brings


much talk about how Christmas will not come
this year, like other years
how very different everything feels
but for us,

We are, in our house, simple joys
simple pleasures, simple
we have for many years now
kept the precious few days of Christmas
for ourselves
just us
after what usually proves to be a busy season
we shut the doors and
settle in
where we are comfort and casual
where we are all
in our own good time
we are laughter and games
movies and music
and food of all kinds
we are space when we need it
and quiet
when it comes

where Christmas morning begins
in Connecticut with the great Barbara Stanwyck
stockings and Santa and joys
of the day
where the majority of treasures come in the form of books
gratefully received by each
and the Queen is not to be missed
a husband who conquers all the cooking, while the girls and I
handle desserts
and after what feels like so many days in one
a fabulous feast consumed, all  
tummies full, the tired group
settle in to a movie
while I alone in the kitchen, tackle the gracious meditation
of the washing up
out the window the wind
and the snowflakes
in rapture

around midnight my love and I go out
to shovel the snow
we have gladly watched pile up all day
and something about the night sky
crisp air and sparkles of glistening white
make everything feel so very

in the morning a neighbor blows out some of the heavy
while my husband and I
dig out the house next door
feed the birds
and watch the squirrels gather goodies
we are thankful for the most blessed things

for each other,
for family and fun
for food to nourish, and footsteps
to follow
for something so simple, so very

love ♥

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