Tamara Willems

step in to a new year…

Begin this day in whispers… 
of goodness and

move through the morning
in silence and ever so pleasingly  

a year of unknowns, untruths and fears
a strange time, when certainly one of the best decisions made 
to turn off the news 
no more sound bites and snippets, no shocking and over dramatized cut-outs 
spit out to entice 
allowing the winds of distrust and disgrace 
to blow past my doorstep 
in lofty swirls 

a time instead to falling deeply in love again and again
to manifesting a practice of loving kindness 
that aims to heal and  
no agendas to be hidden 
no recognition to be gained 
to simply open one’s heart to hold all suffering 
as an ease to your burden 

to yet again surrounding a dear one in love
and kindness 
one who always gives of her heart and so to 
receives from many  
the same 
by way of strength and beauty 
to sending what I can in an effort to fill 
that one small crack that appears in a moment despairing 
to know without doubt  
one is loved and held 

to wondering if we are essentially being 
scaled back 
in our suffering (and not conspiratorially controlled as some suggest) 

to saying thank you and thank you and thank you again
for learnings and leanings and for 
love that remains 

to a walk in the garden
with the birds 
to gazing up at the sky and feeling goodness  
far beyond all horizons 

to enter, to move through
and then (even) to  
in loving kindness 
is the path of grace 
for me

thus, the new year begins,
as Rumi ~

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you 
do not 
go back to sleep  ♥ 

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