Tamara Willems

how you spend your days…

Waking early with the words
do not go back to sleep filtering in  
like bits of dappled light 
subtle yet kindly 
soft steps through a slumbering house
as a grateful sigh
warm water and lemon while I wait on the coffee 
a book  
on top of a book, on top of  
a book 
sits patiently by the window 
holding my place 
husband then comes to join 
read some, chat some, laugh much 
then he suggests a walk 
outside frosty and crisp 
sidewalks clear 
and for the most part, streets 
just for us 
this morning, this little bit of the world 
speaks to me  
of love, of peace, and of kindness 
a brief check-in with the ‘outside’ world 
speaks more of conspiracy theories, and the further 
degradation of intelligent living 
where all opinions have a right to be heard 
and yet some 
have a need to just be right 
where a friend echoes my thoughts exactly  
of withdrawing once again  
from all the falsehoods and ugliness 
stick my nose in some print 
or the sky 
just let you pick up your soap box  
find somewhere else to peddle 
the snake-oil 
selfishly don’t mind a bit 
being told to stay  
stay in, stay 
instead, think I’ll wander through some books, and some art 
listen to Mary Chapin Carpenter sing  
this morning 
a ‘Song from home’ and to smile just as sweetly 
in the end as she does 
every Sunday 
look at some frosty gardens, some vintage fashions 
maybe some 
then tend to the laundry, do some 

shake a little frost 
off my wings 
think about where 
it would be best to send out 
some love 

and maybe then 
just a little more

Be well ♥

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