Tamara Willems

to walk outside…

To walk outside 
on what may feel like an endless string 
of dull grey mornings 

to breathe deeply in  
the fresh cold dampened air 
fill your lungs 

then another large gulp 
and let it filter through every wonderous bit 
of your body 
washing down to your toes 
take a few steps  
in flip flops no less 
feel a mist like sprinkling 
accompanied by the most graceful dance 
of intermittent snow flakes 

no possible need for thoughts 
of any kind 
for worries or concerns of a day 

the skies aren’t offering much 
in distraction 
still, you go 
just soft careful steps 
in a garden dappled with snow 
wet leaves and  
the occasional dogs’ droppings 

just a breath of fresh air 
and the most wonderful feeling 
of love 

in the world 

this is it you know, this
is where you find it

it is just

so do take a moment

it’s waiting 
for you

to step out  ♥

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