Tamara Willems

the gift of light…

And again let us turn to more hopeful things, 
like the sun 
try as I might not to involve myself in American politics 
the fact of being subject to such an obnoxious 
inhumane disruptive neighbour 
for what felt like such a long and pain-filled time, 
then witnessing a rather glorious eviction 
the triumph once again of good 
versus evil 
or certainly a return to decency over blatant fascism 

makes this morning’s sun seem so soul-nourishingly bright 
and Wonderful 

also I have been sick of late, nothing so tragic 
a bit of a flu bug, I believe 
where normally one might just plug on  
get through a work day, then rest 
but now in these times, 
where returning to work is not allowed 
and isolation is required 
until covid test results are 

I am most wonderfully filled with so much gratitude 
for the very great dedication  
and kindness 
of nurses 
or in my experience in any and all  
health care professionals 
a truly extraordinary bunch 

at this point, I really have no patience for deniers 
for anti-most-everything-ers 
for arrogant conspirators 
who do nothing to contribute to our collective  
well-being, other than attempt to make  
more noise and listen to the sounds of their own voices 
if you or someone you know has not been sick 
in any way 
do not tell me, what you believe to be behind
a truly caring individual who will put their own
well-being on the line 
to ever so kindly take gentle loving care 
of you 
and your own peace of mind

as I 
will always put my trust  
in compassion, kind-heartedness  
and love

as well as my firm belief
that indeed the sun  
will again 
come out tomorrow 

my grounding gratitude  
in this

whenever it is the light falls
on softer things

and the gentle, triumphant beginnings
of new hope ♥

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