Tamara Willems

drink the water…

How very lovely a day can feel 
when lit 
by the rising of the sun 
that calls you to come out and stand 
gazing up at the trees 
the wondrous stretch of blue-ness
like sky,
pause here for a moment to just 
listen to this… 

February being the shortest month 
that can still feel just the slightest  
too long 
where current schedules no longer coincide 
and brief sitting for coffee 
fail to fully fill one’s  
days where I can feel myself walking cautiously 
between bounty and  
knowing well a wandering sort of softness 
will be expected to  
to gently be then, 
the current  

to gratefully feel one’s heart so full 
yet just the teeniest, tiniest bit 
in…  motivation 

and ever so close to the edge 
of impatience 
wondering what if I were to drive myself crazy
doubtful since, I don’t even

right then,
one small foot in front of the other
and drink your water,
all that is required here is kindness 
and love 

how very fortunate, that each day
I choose to bathe myself 
both ♥

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