Tamara Willems

Sun so bright…

The sun shining brightly on my face 
as to briefly rendered one  
snow blind 
the scent of milder air  
of a season of change 
to come 
a deep breath in… and out

thus, the morning begins in gratitude 

for a small visitor 
who seems happy enough with my offering 
of homemade suet 
and his friend, gladly and somewhat amazingly 
hanging by his toenails 
to partake 
a day on the calendar that comes 
with a centering of love 
the first being the birthdate of a very dear heart 
who most fortunately for me,  
happens to also be a very dear 
of mine own 
as well as always, thoughts of my Dad 
gone now fourteen years 
thinking of these two, on this day 
forever now commingled in my heart
with gratitude 
as is so easily attributed to each 
a certain humbleness and kindness 
a thinking sort of  
and both very genuine in 
and love 
a visitor so sweet 
a birthday to celebrate 
a passing 
to honour 

each of these lovely things combined 
served up with a  
thick and juicy berry smoothie 
offered by my daughter 

set a day’s reflection 
to bright 
and beautiful 
with love and gratitude
for all  ♥

Happy Birthday Wishes Dearest, Divine Dulcie! (( ♥))

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