Tamara Willems

abnormally speaking…

What if, 
you rarely read fiction 
didn’t ever pay much attention to the  
best seller list 
preferred a good deep dive  
into biography 
or learning something 

what if you didn’t much do
or really even which of those buttons to push 
didn’t quite understand the  
binge part  
much preferred a good masterpiece 
or hockey game 
even when, this left you little fodder 
for small talk 
what if you put your trust  
in learning and research, and people 
smarter than you 

and your faith in love 
simple kindness 

what if you made the decision
to not eat anything 
that had been killed  
for you 
and felt a peace in the deepest part 
of your being, as the most 
natural thing,
no real decisions required 
not a case for judgement of anyone else 
just an innate sense of  
for yourself 

what if you learned to say no
without explanation 
put a period at the end 
and felt perfectly ok with that 

left behind the shoulds
and the musts 
and the why doesn’t she… 

what if you filled yourself up so full 
of love 
that even on the bad-ish days 
bits of bright things 
couldn’t help  
like little gold stars 

what if you followed the sun
but admired the clouds 
as was the natural flow of  
that are

deeply the world
and talked often to yourself
or the birds
what if you admired most 
those that 
brought their courage 
to the stepping-over-anyways
even if
the hurtles break 

and what then if you showed up 
just as yourself
no self promoting picture roll required
just you
abnormally speaking…    ♥

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