Tamara Willems

a small break in the action…

Last year, at this time 
our daughter was on her way home 
her first year of college unavoidably interrupted 
for what we hoped would be a short-ish  
a full year later, still in a hot zone  
nothing normal has resumed 
a wholly disappointing halt to something  
so promising 
wings just beginning to unfurl, on her own 
today, she is quite happily
painting in the kitchen

last night during a break in action in the hockey game I was watching,
I’m thinking of a former hockey player 
and how it was 
how his name has a few times
come up
in my thoughts 
so, I look it up on my phone 
and in reading about him, even though it’s been ten years 
I find myself holding just a little of  
his pain 
as a lump in my throat 
and an ache in my heart 
a suicide 
to which there may have seemed no signs
no tell 
to those around him
and how utterly heartbreaking 
this is, for him, for his family, a wife and two daughters
for his friends 
it’s something that touches me very deeply 
someone dealing with such sadness

not to say that I am thinking today
of morbid things 
rather that I am thinking again today
and how very important it is
to show people

we really don’t know about things 
about time 
and circumstance 
we really never have 
what is to come, what will happen 
just how much of it  
we have 
whether we ourselves, or with each other 
(even in these current circumstances) 
we just do not know 
and I know this can be a familiar tune 
but what about taking a minute out of your day 
to think about 
just how important it can be 
to be a kindness 
in someone’s day 

to tell people you love
you appreciate them, ask someone  
how they are doing 
and listen 

… and really listen.

Today, I’m sending you love and kindness 
wherever you are 
you may need it 
might I ask, 
that you
could do the same?  ♥

“We can never underestimate this truth: No matter who you are, the biggest thing you do in any day is most often going to be a small act of kindness, decency, or love.” ~ Cory Booker 

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