Tamara Willems

sunny but cool…

Friday feels to me 
like comfort 
it happens to not be a work day for me 
and has quickly become  
my favourite day 
most often I spend at least the morning  
with my love 
a small bit of shopping 
(also known as finding a few more books) 
the rest of the day, more or less 
is all mine 
to do with what I wish

today is sunshine, though still rather cool
tomorrow spring arrives and how wonderful  
is that 
usually thoughts are, Thank Goodness
but the past year of
has not really felt so long, rather 
like a continued endless loop 
being that we are not entirely through this mess 
still, spring has that hopeful feeling, doesn’t it

birds in the garden are at the gathering 
sticks and grasses, traces of dog hair
building materials
for nesting 
and that indeed is a hopeful thing 
also poking lots into the newly uncovered grass 
for bits of nourishment 
longer hours of daylight as well have that 
feel good feeling about them 
and loads of little green sprouts  

I’ve been feeling a tad bit cynical  
with regards to the social media world 
of late 
and tired I guess, of ridiculous disapproval 
soap box steppers 
and know so much more than the rest of us 
alternatively, I’ve been quite happy to wander museums 
period properties 
and English gardens  
in thoughts of a flowering 
things that might beautify this wondrous world 
instead of detractor’s distractions 
and dissatisfactions 

I’ve been thinking about 
aging and settling,
things that renew 

like love 
kindness and 

and just how wonderful it can be 
when we nourish each

and watch then,
how things 
grow ♥

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