Tamara Willems

what was it again…

(from my ‘dailywoolf’ this morning) 
April 7, 1929 
“I had something of the upmost importance to say, but can’t remember what.”  – Virginia Woolf 

This then could easily serve as my mission statement, 
as I am thinking, what of this day was I wishing to tell you  
possibly of course, it was that the toads have this morning 
returned to the pond, already far too many to count 
and are currently splashing and splooshing around 
singing loudly their songs of love 
in hopes of  
or just how lovely it is to see the male cardinal 
his brilliant rosy red body, in the barely budding trees
alighting just beside me
in all his
the grand sight rising straight up in the sky  
from the crown of the maple tree 
of an aeroplane or possibly a  
soaring, with its vast trail of white 
slicing through a gorgeous blue 
ascending the heavens  

maybe it was the light 
back on the ground 
that again falls in miraculously new 
on the angel in my garden 
where she 
in reverent beauty 

or was it just to point out  
all the subtle invasions of colour 
that keep popping up and  
even after having just looked  
the day before 

the gently reassuring buzz
of the bees
as they stop in to touch
each scilla

and oh yes, how gloriously warm
the sun feels  
on one’s  
divinity in a caress

Have I told you all this before?
Hmm…  might’ve been this

or maybe  
it was something I had to tell you… 

love ♥

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