Tamara Willems

This then, the April are you discontent…

A morning venture out in the world  
for groceries 
has me not minding at all  
the current stay at home order 
as already, 
I am tired of listening… 

maybe today I feel like ranting
E  N  O  U   G  H 
of these stumble/trip, staggeringly  
half-baked measures 
that come 
at such a cost
when health officials cautioned about this
months ago
I am tired of listening once again 
to the politics of things 
creeping back in

the ridiculousness of that which we 
to raise our voices about 
instead of settling in on what really matters 
our collective health 
and wellbeing

odd to me, by our righteous indignation 
what we seem to put most 

think I have a fairly good handle on 
the things I need 
as well as the things I am quite able 
to live  
understand the necessity  
minor inconveniences  
and safety measures 

what baffles most, I suppose
things they listen to, things they will, on authority 
how very much it seems we love 

blindly leading blind,
with sticks

this day is cool and wet
sorely lacking in sunshine 
possibly then,
as it begins 
so am  

instead, let me tell you this
first thing, I take a walk in the fresh cool air
with my love 
to breathe and to notice the nature 
of things 
then, a few steps in at the grocery store 
I make it a point 
to look at people as they pass 
to hold them for a flash of a moment
in my gaze
to wish them well 
to wish them safe, and ease 
smile secretly under my mask 
maybe crinkle my eyes 
just a little
so they might see

back then,
to the welcoming comforts
of home 
I send out some love
to a friend

and turn my attention to smaller things

like the beauty of
on tulips ♥ 

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