Tamara Willems

and this day, to you…

A Friday with copious amounts of sunshine 
has ME  
written all over it 
I don’t happen to work on Fridays, and I 
in my infinite wisdom 
have declared this the day of the week 
when, if it can at all be helped…  I do not  
I do not have to do this, 
I do not have to do that, 
I fully and completely allow myself the luxury 
of wasting away my minutes 
in contented  
wandering, words in my head 
talking out loud 

the garden is glorious 
I sit with the buzzing of bees, and a couple of fish 
watch the toads come and go  
at the pond 
an early butterfly 
I call to the cardinal, and he echoes 
the song 
having already been for a morning walk
with my love 
he is off, while I 
relish a leisurely sit outside, dog at my feet 
with coffee and my book,  
until I have contentedly

a wonderful thing, I think
finishing a good book 
by an author I am coming to like  
so very 
the stuff of life and 
the strange, sometimes strained  
dichotomies of  
and how it is we sort out our own 
stories, as such 
a good book also in how it stays with me 
how after I have finished,
I will turn back a few chapters
search out again bits of the story  
read, and re-read 
then read once again 
flip to where I have placed a small scrap of paper 
scan for something that needed  
good,  in how I will wander the garden 
in thoughts still relating 
in words 
that mattered 

think again of my own kinds of stories
and just how and when  
they will be told

good too, in that now
I will choose

today as well, I can smell the lilacs
with every breath 
where somehow because of allergies, or hormones 
(definitely not because of the covid) 
my sense of smell, once so keen  
has been impaired 
untrustworthy at best 
but this day…   allows in  
the sweetest 

I am today, peaceful and 
for all things 
that buoy

turtles this morning, sat sunning on logs 
red winged blackbirds, a king fisher 
of course, flowers and trees 
and spaces to roam 
I am grateful for writers and readers 
thinkers and wonder-ers  
like me, 
I am grateful for a book shelf 
with no end 
and for a 
quiet place to  
I am grateful for kindness,
as well as every possibility
for a new day 

always, I am grateful for  
this life 
and this Love 
and tomorrow…  (if you’re still with me) 

I get my vaccine ♥

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