Tamara Willems

like it was meant to be…

When I was quite small, I was 
fairly severely punished for being a slow eater 
to my memory, more  
than a few times 
at the place where I currently work 
the speed of tasks is often mentioned 
at what can be accomplished  
and just 
how many minutes, it should take 

however, I have always, I believe 
whether because, or despite 
at my own pace in the world

I rarely if ever rush, or hurry
neither though, would I say 
do I doddle or  
I simply move to my own kind of 
always have 
I am not on trend, or certainly 
on point 
I am really just…  this 
as I am

which is of course, as you may guess
why I so value 
my garden 
more precisely my ‘style’ of garden 
which is one could say, rather lazy 
unregimented, free flowing 
to my thoughts, quite natural 
a little on the wild side 
(much like my own personal style or lack there of!) 
I don’t much do manicured or 
tidy and trim 
here I let things grow as they wish and most often, 
(even to my husband’s frustration) 
just where they wish 
I do do boundaries, (as one must
sometimes to survive),
as a private person, I like fences
or more romantically, thoughts of a walled garden
I like sanctuary
really gardening for me is 
just watching and
it is quiet observation 
of the flowers and the trees 
of the toads, the birds, the bees 
and the butterflies 
of the occasional cat who sneaks in 
the squirrels, the chipmunks, the rabbits 
the hawk 
of the regulars and the visitors 
and those that 
the ones that have been planted 
and the ones that 
we are gentleness and wonder 
we are seekers and wanderers 
we are listeners and dreamers 
we watch the clouds and the skies 
and the 

we chat in own respective languages
sometimes we 
we vent, we rage 
we smile, we mope, we  
we always, always without a doubt 
we always comfort 

we trust, we notice
and we
breathe… in gratitude

this pace, in this world

as it was meant to be ♥

“Move gracefully and well and you’ll get where you want to get.”
~ Katherine Hepburn

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