Tamara Willems

small pockets…

As I am about to begin, 
I almost always start with – this morning… 
where actually, I realize it is already
morning having slipped away, while I  
having once again sunken quiet deliciously  
into a fantastic new book 
thinking it best that I take a walk outside 
before fusing to the comforts of 
my chair by the window 
a day off comes after what feels like it’s been  
a rather long week, and it’s only Wednesday 
first a luxurious shower, and a delectable pampering 
of coconut oil massaged lovingly and kindly  
into the soft, suppleness of  
then to a basket of laundry 
when I come to the laundry room  
I say hello to the washer and dryer and express 
my great gratitude, as my hand gently caresses  
they are new, not so fancy, mostly function 
but to us  
a great luxury (for many reasons) 
also, I just firmly believe in the absolute importance 
of expressing one’s gratitude 
to all things, sentient or  
towels in, I go out for my walk around the garden 

words run through my head 
and I think about beginning…  with this morning 
I suppose each time I sit down to write 
it feels like a beginning of sorts 
a morning, a  
quite often I am writing about the same things 
possibly even in  
the same way 
gratitude, kindness, love 
small, maybe to some even, insignificant things 
ordinary, everyday  
but I can never express enough 
how very important these simple things 
gratitude, kindness, love 
and equally  
are to a life, indeed to ALL life 

when we begin to look outside ourselves 
outside the flurry  
of our petty grievances, minor  
even major  
when we just look outside 

when you offer a life of gratitude, kindness and love 
you then leave yourself open 
to gratitude, kindness 
and love 

and really, to my thinking  
there is nothing greater in this world 
than much 
to be thankful for 

fills one’s heart 

and regardless of our circumstances 
continues to make life

even in
small pockets  ♥

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