Tamara Willems

one small red bug…

“There’s your shot right there, he says, where’s your camera!?! “
like it is somehow always 
the current point of focus 
this little  
although my first shot, when I grab it
is a ladybug
who has caught my eye
so brilliantly vibrant in the morning shine 
of sun in the garden

at this we begin  
to wander (to my thinking, like gentleman and lady 
on the grounds of a very grand estate) 
looking closely at 
of things 
yet, what is really just us and the dog 
spending a few minutes together 
(to his thinking, listening to me chatter, while momentarily  
making his wife happy) 
another gloriously hot day, where at work, in a greenhouse 
I would be sweltering 
but at home I luxuriate in the languid ease 
of a day off, to sit and 
exactly what these kinds of days 
are made for 
perfectly suited to a soft seat, a cool drink 
and when needed, a little bit 
of shade

when the shine causes one to squint, and the heat 
starts to make lids  
instead of a nap 
I get up from my chair, refill the bird baths 
do a little sorting in the beds 
feed the fish 
walk again just quietly looking at things 
my sanctuary

it is here always, that I am filled with such gracious 
the very best fortunes of life 
to be loved,  
to appreciate simple, unhurried things 
to watch clouds, and birds 
to pet the dog 
to think gratefully of those lovely souls 
who touch my life kindly, make me smile 
for days 
to willingly hold even just a small bit of the worlds pain 
with compassion, with grace 
to breathe deep 
to recognize love in all its forms 
and to offer it 
kindly, when I can 

many, many things can change a day 
but if today you take a minute 
to spot 
just one small red bug 
(or whatever it may be for you) 
and pause, just here…   
breathe deep  
connection to life 
to love 

to gratitude and to  

there you go now

you haven’t missed a thing  ♥

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