Tamara Willems

love notes from here…

Last night’s Strawberry Full Moon, which was big and bright,  
but a with the promise of humidity and rain in the air  
also quite hazy, peeking through the trees 
while I  
staying up way past exhaustive time 
to watch the hockey game 
was far too tired 
to fuss 
so, pictures are not great 
but it was lovely, just the same 
in the last shot you’ll see who I caught moon gazing with me  

what I also want to tell you is, 
this morning in the middle of reading, I stopped to think about a friend 
whom I love,  
and just how very much I admire the person she is 
as is my practice, I then thought to myself – this then is the time to tell her 
so I did 
I got up, and wrote my friend a love note 
sent it off, right away 

this I will tell you, set my day to blossoming 
as this is what I talk about when I talk about Love 
active kind of love 
without concern for how it will be received 
just send it out into the world
as it is you
that will then be filled up 
the more you give
the more
you have
to give

think of just one person, any person 
whom you might admire, love … once or still 
someone who has touched your life or 
your day,  
happens to be in your thoughts 
then take this opportunity, right now
to tell them
just what you’re thinking
in kindness, in  

I promise you, 
this opens you up to loving kindness 
and it comes back to you 

and I believe,
this small practice
this very thing, then begins, 

to open  
the world up a little bit 
too  ♥

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