Tamara Willems

on this leg of your journey…

I was talking the other day, with a friend of my son’s
about the strange-ness of the times  
we are experiencing 
and just how it may be affecting many a life 
in different ways 
in this case young adults who felt they may have 
begun in earnest 
burgeoning careers, educations, adventures 
plans for the immediate and  
only to have it all come to a rather unceremonious 
by circumstances way beyond anyone’s 
control or for that matter 

has me thinking this morning, for some reason 
of a time for me, as a young teenager 
fifteen and subsequently sixteen  
when unencumbered carefree days
were dramatically interrupted 
by a need for separate operations on both of my hips 
the uncertainties  
talking with teachers regarding disrupted education 
and how it all would work (or not) 
a time when friends went on with life and 
while you laid in traction, strung up to pulleys  
dealing with bedsores 
a time when a friend’s mother would travel 
the distance to visit 
but the friend, could think of better things to do 
than to sit 
in a somewhat uncomfortable environment 
missing out
(understandable by teenage 
a time when high school dances and activities went on 
while you sat for the first time on the side of the bed 
to get your bearings, supported by nurses 
before the difficulties of 
the simple act of learning to walk 
a time when the constant presence of crutches 
don’t much enhance one’s party 
attire or the irresponsible, misadventurous need 
to run  
and when you have sufficiently shed yourself of the 
bothersome things 
it is just about time, to go back  
for the second round 

life is certainly altered and forever affected  
by these sorts of interruptions 
years that at times feel much like a blur 
or a 
blip to some 
the many things that form, or rather 
inform us  
as to the nature of how very little of life’s unfolding 
is in our control 
and just how it is… we  

this again is one of the reasons I speak much  
about kindness 
as possibly we are always and forever 
developing our sense of 

our wings on the way down 
as is said 

paths in life are quite often travelled with much 
that’s what makes it all the more comforting 
to sometimes be met 
with the understanding heart 
of just one  

I hope in these days, as well
offering it here

to always find myself counted
as one  ♥

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