Tamara Willems

cross the t’s and dot the i’s…

(also known as that time I noticed a four leaf clover, right in front of me)

So it comes I tell him, tomorrow
time again
renew, review or 
renegotiate the terms of our agreement
twenty-nine years in the making  
hey, you signed the contract, I often say
to which he is also reminded that I gave him  
ample opportunity to withdraw the offer 
before said  
and we made our vows to what you think you know 
but of course 
you really have no possible idea of what’s to come 
for better for worse, 
for richer,  
for poorer 
in sickness and in health 
til death do us part…   

how about 
to laughter and to tears 
to strain and to triumph,  
to bolster and support 
to madden and infuriate 
to gladden an 
to comfort and cajole, to cheer and to boast 
and to sometimes  

to be fully human, to be fully giving of all of 
one’s messiness and moods 
to allowing one’s growth and one’s 
to touching, to feeling and to  

to honouring, and to cherishing 
the cultivation of a  
in gratitude for love 

to accepting, to encouraging 
and most importantly of all, to a kindness
in all things 

well then, I tell him 
twenty-nine years of this,

I guess 
we’ll just keep trying   ♥ 😉 ♥

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