Tamara Willems

psst, got a minute…

To go out
and stand for a time
looking up at the top of a tree
in stillness
taking this in
to breathe deeply filling one’s lungs
and holding it there
then gracefully and with ease
to let it out

then again,
slowly and fully
softening your face and neck
gently stretch your chin up
lowering your shoulders away from your ears
feel your chest and heart expand
spreading yourself thinly and delicately across
the vast blue sky
maybe stretch out your arms, spread your fingers
then exhale all the way to your toes
on the ground
drop your arms by your side
marvel at how very far the top of this tree reaches up
feel the sun on your neck, your shoulders
and back
let it seep warmly through your skin

close your eyes

now think of someone to whom you would like to say
I love you
I thank you
I wish you well

think of someone kind
someone soft, someone dear
think of a hug
think of wrapping yourself in someone’s arms
feeling a heartbeat against your own
comfort, safety

think of the nicest thing you could say
might even wish to hear
think of a smile
of a whisper
of a

Make sure, you’re still breathing deeply
slowly and

then out….

open your eyes again to that tree top
high up against the bluest
begin to shake things out a bit
wiggle your toes

back on the ground

take this little nudge
and put something good in the world
in the service of love

I promise you
if you let it, the day will go up
here ♥

“One of life’s most fulfilling moments occurs in the split-second when the familiar is suddenly transformed into the dazzling aura of the profoundly new.” ~ Edward B. Lindaman  

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