Tamara Willems

the simple smell of coffee in the morning…

the season has changed
from summer to fall, and for the last few days
the air has acquiesced
as even the sun seems to have gone
on mini vacation

for quite some time I have been dealing with chronic sinusitis
where I have the feeling of being stuffed up, difficulty breathing through my nose
and much to my dismay
have mostly lost my sense of smell
(not covid related, just allergies)
all rather distressing for someone very sensitive
to scents
and attentive to life
to lose or to have one of the senses, at the very least
feels like being shut out of every delightful surprise
a change of medication this week, has me rising jubilant
as the subtle smells
of coffee

I sit for a time this morning, in my chair by the window
completely immersed in the words
of a writer, I am rather enamoured with
I read and re-read lines that taste like butter on the tongue
of things, I recognize
a most familiar walk, with a friend
and a wonderful way

I then,
send out some love
and say a few words of healing
for someone dear

by  noon, the sun has returned
so I take myself out to the garden
the pounding relentless rains mid-week have taken a toll
on things that remain
of course it is end of a season for most things anyway
still, the roses seem to be going strong
almost immediately I am met by an inquisitive little friend
who is most happy to hear the sounds of someone outside
someone at least, who has easy access
to the peanuts
this little chipmunk, with the sweet little face
I have decided is a girl
as she was easily charmed into hand feeding by my lovely husband
but also as she is curious, courageous
and smart
just that little bit braver than the other four who come for treats
she has seen me as signs of life
so quickly scampers up the back of the chair
to reach for the peanuts in my hand
taking them, quite politely, one by one
filling her cheeks, then off to stash them away
before returning for more
knowing I guess, that I


here then, this fall-ish Friday
is what I wish for the world,
the gift
of this kind of kindness

days that seem to smile from the start
words that enter wholly into one’s heart
kindness and caring
that spread like butter on warm toast
and simple attentiveness
to life

and for you
to feel the warmth of sun
on your skin

and to greatly appreciate the smell
of something warm, comforting

as never
before ♥

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