Tamara Willems

I only need this…

This morning I notice 
the return of the Juncos to my feeder, 
and this…  
“I wish you wouldn’t have called me a poet, 
now every morning I wake up and try to prove it.” 
blesses my day, 
of ways to begin in gratitude – commune with birds, 
and enjoy the gentle visit of a very kind friend 
who knows.
thank you Stephen

so begins my day in thankfulness, 
I marvel at those who can put into words 
things you can feel might’ve once belonged 
though written with much more elegance 
thoughts that might appear in a bubble above your head 
as you pass by a mirror 
on your way down the stairs 
had you been able to organize yourself better 
after another night of broken sleep 
yet also having slept in a little, as the one you love 
who also loves you, volunteered to get up with 
the geriatric dog who can no longer see 
that it’s still dark, 
and let you rest 
bask in simple kindness 
a succession of damp days and encroaching cooler temperatures 
has overworked hand and elbow joints  
increasingly stiff and sore 
nothing at all to do with another birthday approaching 
in just a few days 
I have decided to keep rather low key this year 
no whole week stuff, no pre-promotion 
(although, you might find on playing this bit backwards 
I may have inadvertently just let something slip!) 
the dull ache of things serves as a reminder 
of how important it is to  
and also, always ushers in the call  
for a little more  
while I am reading, 
my husband goes to dump off some branches 
and trimmings from around the garden 
then returns with a carload  
calls me to come out and have a look 
the back is full of four or five large mixed plantings 
someone has discarded 
end of season 
knowing I am a sucker for the abandoned 
he scoops them all up 
delivers them to me, dirt and all
like big bundles of the most glorious roses
and I revel in the great surrounding of love 
and kindness 
that graces a day, when you  
are open 
let the rest fall away 
I only need 
and you ♥

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