Tamara Willems

and a path lined with cedar…

This morning I finish a book by a highly accomplished, much determined 
quite inspiring, creative woman 
written about a dark and difficult time  
in her life 
but coming out the other side
and I finish it with that all familiar 
what is it you want in this life 
what is it  
the measure of one’s powers 
finding one’s passion 
place in this world 
what is it then, come on, speak up 
really, I want always to love 
to know love and to give love 
to a world sometimes  
sorely needing it  
I want a heart that is pure of intention 
that stays open to  
holding all and 
I want kindness and courage to swallow me up 
and to coat my skin in  
a delicate dusting 
I want clarity and conviction 
to course through my veins 
and bravery to rest 
in the pit 
of my stomach 
I want a path lined with cedar 
footsteps to follow 
and whispers of endearment to keep me 
I want in my own way, to offer you a chair 
for comfort 
or a boost should you be needing  
to see over the fence 
I want to polish up your halo, and 
dust off your wings 
to pin that gold star on your chest 
I want to find the right words, in the right order 
and give them to you  
in a special box 
and when you open it, it smells like cookies  
fresh from the oven 
and when you pop one in your mouth 
it melts slowly down your throat and warms you  
from the inside 
I want somehow to find the way 
to make your day just a little 
to make you smile, or laugh 
or at the very least as if this 
hasn’t all been  
I want to encourage, to enrich 
or enlighten (ha!) 
I want always to feel, as if I  
put something good in the world 
that mattered 

in the gentlest way  
at the very least, I want you to know 
one loving soul, is out there 

probably just wandering 
in the garden ♥

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