Tamara Willems

a tangle of branches and a sliver of moon…

It is hard sometimes for people to understand
when one has little to no interest in
as in
the accumulation of such
the earning power and just how much
one can make by what it is
they are
it interests me not in the least
except of course as it pertains to how one
might go about
paying the bills
I don’t quite understand exorbitant salaries
while others have
gargantuan bank accounts and
raking it in
if one is unwilling to give
I don’t have the thirst, the desire, the
need… the goals, the
s’pose some might see this as a
a detrimental flaw in character

Do you ever wonder if you have applied yourself
to the world
you know, as a teacher might write
Does not apply one’s self to the task
had you known earlier how much you carry
and in which directions your heart might be
how you can feel your right place and right time of
would you have found your
given something useful, or
to the task of
living well

could you have lessened the load for someone else
stumbling through
or perhaps held high the lantern
kept its perpetual flame
lightly lit
is there some kind of contribution you may have given
something you’d like to add, as they say
what use to us is this heart in your hand
the vast amounts of love that sits in your chest
this feelings for
everything bit of business
was there possibly
a turn on the road you might have taken,
had you known this…
was the way

have you resisted asking the questions
in favour of simply
what is it then, you come here

and when do you suppose
the instruction manual

this way to literature and art
we’ve been anxiously awaiting your
please come inside, we’d be more than happy
to show you
the way

if only we had spotted you sooner… ♥

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