Tamara Willems

Best Wishes to you, this new day…

There is sanctuary to be found 
in the words 
of great writers and 
painters of dreams 
and wishers of  

There is buoyancy too 
in loving others as well as we do 
(and vice versa, of course) 
in loving the world so well 
as we do 
our own opinions 

in immersing ourselves   
in the  
that the world loves us too 
despite our reckless behaviours  

There is sanctity to be found 
in the blessing of friendship 
in the depth of  
kind expression, and the simple touch 
of appreciation 

There is wonder to be found 
in the starlight 
in a snowfall and in the dawn of each new day 
as it  

There is always gratitude to be found 
in being here, in sharing 
and amongst it all 
in being peace 
no matter what it is 
or even  
where it is 
you happen to be celebrating 
(or not) 
take a breath 
ground yourself in the love 
that surrounds you 
and then make your way 
in this new world 
as though 
you had never been here 
stay open 
for the loving ones  
…  and maybe, feed the birds ♥

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