Tamara Willems

and so…

‘Hmmm,  I don’t know…’ 
some of the most beautiful words strung together, I think 
as this is where  
we remain curious 
this is where we can seek, where we 
can listen and where 
we can learn 
to begin 

a brand new day, begins 
a brand new 
this waking  
of beginning 

where we are not so sure of the answers 
where we do not propose  
to know 
no longer the experts, the advocates, the 
all informed 

instead, we are the questioners, the observers 
the pleasantly surprised 
the wonderers, the wanderers, the can’t believe my eyes! 

What if we take this year 
in quiet contemplative steps 
and then we meet for tea at a table for two 
or for 
or for … 
and we watch the birds, and we look at the sky 
take note of who is here 
and we tell each other something  
about love 

What if we care more  
about each other, about the world 
about each bruise and each 
what if we try to be tender 
and say something nice 
about the flowers 

and how lovely it is to meet you 


what if we mention how wonderful it was 
that you were kind 
that you cared, that we laughed or 
we cried 

but at least in some way  
that we tried 

To remember the words to that song 
about love 
that somewhere still seems  
to be stuck 
in our heads 

and we think again, how nice it can be to say thank you 
and to mean it 

precisely because 
we may not see this one again, you know 
but how fortunate that you were here 
to usher it in  
and how fortunate
it is
to be here

to begin
once again

at the beginning

again, and again and

with love ♥

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