Tamara Willems

a not so, impossipuzzle…

thoughts on our interconnectedness, and * a simple request for participation… 
This one is impossipuzzle, he says 
frustrated at the rate of progress on our latest endeavour 
ah, it’s good for your brain, I tell him 
thinking, problem solving, different perspectives 
sounds like too much work, this is dumb 
actually, he says stupid – knowing this is a word we do not use 
to emphasize a rather weak protest 
if it was so easy, we’d hardly enjoy doing it, I say 
carrying on with my search for a missing piece 

this morning I am reading about Mapping Meaningful Connection 
and the Language of Human Experience (Brene Brown) 
I’m thinking about our connections and our separate-ness  
indeed, partially a sign of the times, in the era of Covid 
but also, simple choices 
things we may not think to do, or to  
I’ve been spending less and less time on social media
(sorry if I missed your birthday 😉 )  
I made myself a pact to step away from the endless scroll 
and on facebook in particular, to shut off at the first sign of derisive postings 
and comment 
negative, racist, thoughtless, conspiratorial  
not biting into things that tend to leave 
a bitter  
things I do not need attaching themselves to my skin 
find it much easier to stop it where it stands 
things based more in fear, poorly disguising themselves as 
instead, I look at things I like 
and people, I like too 
and I spend more of my time, as I always have
sending out messages of goodwill 
send a quick note to someone, let them know their intention 
most gladly, received 
does wonders I will tell you  
for the condition of 
one’s own 
makes my skin, much  
softer too  

here then, in my effort to bolster our interconnectedness 
(and wasn’t this our supposed reason  
for showing up 
in the first place) 
my simple request to you *
tell me won’t you, about someone who has mattered to you 
or something that may have gone unnoticed 
that touched you 
that made you feel even for just a short time 
a little bit 
you can name them here, or choose not to say exactly who
but do write your comment here
in this small request for something a bit interactive 
where I implore you to actively

and my hope here is to hear something from someone
who may on occasion, have brushed past my words
and maybe this time,
might stop here
for just a moment, to let me know
and to once again thank you 
for adding your small piece 
to my 
puzzle ♥

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