Tamara Willems

January hues…

It’s like that you know, I will tell this friend 
it just comes every so often, and January  
well yes, 
there is that… I know, 
anxiety starts to act up, considers itself most important 
of thought 
churns things up in a constant motion 
makes for rather dismal time 
spent inside 
and you will try, you will 
to be kind to her, to be patient, to garner even the smallest hint 
a soft pat on the back, sort of half smile 
in consolidation 
wonder if there might be something nice 
you might of said to somehow  
make her feel a little less ridiculous 
in this …  
this internal self-pitying defeat 
again, you can sit just quietly there with her, this friend 
as she tries her best to detach the raggedy bits of shadow 
that tend to follow her around  
stuff them in that old suitcase under the bed 
while wondering why she left them out there 
so vulnerable and 
in the first place 
you can try and tell her about that retrograde thing 
someone mentioned 
possible causes of explosions over something  
instead of saying what she needed 
in the first place 
kindness, just gentle kindness, and  
also, I will tell her 
kind of  
an inside job and who could possibly understand this jumbled up mess
in here anyway
let’s just leave it, where it is
then you can offer her, your friend  
the softest  
sweetest lullaby you can think of  
on the spot, anyway 
and let it kind of soar
and in the morning, in just the right light 
you will notice 
that again 
something serenely beautiful 
has returned
more dulcet
in tone ♥

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