Tamara Willems

a tangle of branches…

When I am being frivolous 
as today, 
I spend my time looking at beautiful things, 
like sunshine on the snow, how it sparkles 
magically deceiving us into thinking how lovely it would be 
to put our footprints down 
never minding the ghastly windchill 
and how it might so sneakily  
and listening to things that soothe 
like the harmonious snores of both the dog 
and the cat in unison 
lazily stretched out by my chair
in sunbeams 
that have danced across their beds 
how wonderfully warm and shiny it looks 
glossing upon 
black fur 
when I am being frivolous 
as today, 
I leave the anger, out-smarts and protests of the righteous 
to their bidding 
like a dark tangle of branches
and instead, indulge myself in seeking  
a few new books  
to set the world to  
I luxuriate in words sent by someone lovely 
a small bit of light and quite  
that feel like sharing an afternoon tea 
macaroons on the side 
to follow 
I breathe in cold fresh air 
deeply and fully 
with a smile that delights 
like cotton candy, sugary and sweet 
deliciously dissolving on the tongue in an instant 
then moving slowly and decadently  
through the body 
and when it has reached my toes 
made them curl just a little 
I send it back through on an exhale 
of deep satisfaction 
when I am being frivolous 
as today, 
on the breath of understanding, 
I expand my heart to include you and add ease 
to your day 
wishing you well, as a way to share with you 
and I sit 
contentedly so 
tack down a few words 
and try to disguise 
that I may have 
just bought 
a few 
books ♥

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