Tamara Willems

Is it groundhog day, or am I talking about loving kindness again…

This morning, I  
am quiet, contented joy 
with the most incredible bout of 
loving kindness  
bubbling up inside 
(*slight alteration in moods may occur, 
which is why I am telling you here) 
this then, is how this sort of thing begins 
last week, I sent a brief message of genuine appreciation 
to a writer whom I admire 
in no small part because I repeatedly find  
so much we have in common 
and I was blessed to receive a reply that my message 
was received, as intended 
and our hearts, have met 
last evening I received a message from someone 
very dear to my heart 
to say in part, that she had thought of me 
this stops me, in time and space 
how very much this simple act of kindness,
touched me 
I went off to bed, weary from a busy day of work 
completely satiated with 
this morning then, a day off 
waking with a smile, coffee with my lovely husband 
whom I love madly (in case I may have failed to mention it) 
and for which, this beginning of coffee and books,  
somewhat quietly, 
I am everyday, and forever grateful 

as well to the book I am currently enjoying 
which comes as a gift to the senses 
and has me looking up Italian cookbooks while wondering 
if I could make this just as lovely without the meat 
which is funny, as my husband is the real chef in the house 
and I am quite sure I have already blown 
my book budget for the month 
(but wait… it’s now February!!) 
as well let me tell you, what I’ve been thinking about 
last week, I see that Tom Franken has died 
and though I don’t believe we are well acquainted; this is a face I recognize 
and happens to be 
a name  
I know well, 
Tom went to my high school, at one time, was a friend of my sister’s 
and as I recall, used to say to her in a funny sort of farmer’s drawl 
in a deep tone, “What the hell…”  
anyway, somehow me of very little memory 
manage to have this stuck firmly in my memory banks 
and happen to use this phrase often, where it is now phrased as 
(in my deepest drawl) ‘in the words of Tom Franken-what-the-hell…’ 
then last week, I see a friend post of the loss 
of this friend 
whose face I do recognize 
I am saddened and among many, share my condolences 
but also, I smile in fond remembrance 
so in all of this, what I really wanted to say is 
we touch many lives in our day to day 
and often, or sometimes 
without our even  
knowing it 
we will be remembered
and what I’m wondering is, couldn’t we 
choose then 
to do it kindly and lovingly 
as I can tell you, it serves to make each day 
just that much 

with love and appreciation ♥

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