Tamara Willems

paying attention in math class…

Maybe we did need to learn math,  
for a reason… 
as how then do we propose to care 
about the world 
that seems determined  
to set its sights 
upon the  
brutish, brash image of 

where the much determined 
differentiate themselves 
by louder than  
multiplying volatility 
armoured in unofficial intelligence  
unfounded claims and  
functional illiteracy 
while (un)knowingly draping contemptable symbols 
across their chests 

how do we  
avoid just closing our doors and 
shuttering our curtains 
wait out the flurry of right-winged locusts 
come to devour all good common sense and 
caring for our fellow (hu)man 

perhaps it starts with subtraction 
simple minimization of exposure to 
the fuel, the constant antagonizing sources 
that feed 
and addition 
by way of expansion of circumference 
widening our circles of 
compassion for others 
a little less serving of oneself  
a little more  
the greater good 
if we came across a formula 
to decrease our self-centred-ness, our strong  
misguided sense of self- 
while increasing our 
output of kindness and caring 
of doing.. for others 
do you suppose we would somehow come 
to know 
what time the peace-filled train 
of care-free living 
arrived again 
at the

of course, just
asking for a friend ♥

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