Tamara Willems

reading, listening, love -ing…

Currently what I am reading is A Taste of Power by Elaine Brown 
one woman’s story of resistance and resilience  
of, for the most part, young disenfranchised  
inspired people  
coming up in the Black Panther organization 
while also last night revisiting the remarkable revolutionary, 
dedicated, kind, kind hearted, genuine soul 
that was  
John Lewis, whom I admire  
and have so much reverence for, always 
in his dedication to changing the world  
regardless of what he and many others faced 
and experienced 
in a genuine unfailing commitment 
to non-violence 
the great, indomitable strength 
and spirit 
of a great, great man 
who believed in the power of 
the people 

I am listening and paying attention to,  
applauding, as well as backing 
the astounding Autumn Peltier 
a young, Canadian Anishinaabe Indigenous rights advocate 
also, the Chief Water commissioner of the Aniishnabek Nation 
and Global Water Activist 
who is once again, (re)issuing the call for the government 
of any and all stripe 
to make good on promises of clean drinking water 
for all First Nations 
and for those who are currently counting infringements –
The right to water is recognized by the United Nations. It entitles every person, 
without discrimination, access to safe, sufficient, physically accessible  
and affordable water. 

while also, I am looking at and listening to my own  
‘pretty significant other’, my lovely husband 
with an astonishing new kind of 
loving kindness (if that could be possible) 
a level of loving and caring that may sometimes 
outwardly appreciated 
as if remarkably, we  
may have  

levelled up  
and I am thinking how very much we could all benefit 
from genuine outpourings 
as always,  
I am awed, inspired and 
I am 
astonished, sometimes  
yet always assured 
of the power 
of love 
in a world 
that insists on  
itself ♥

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