Tamara Willems

little house in the garden, with the door nailed shut…

“First let me tell you everything that’s happened since you left”
I will say through the window,  
you see I sensed she’d gone off to the woods 
to walk quietly among the bluebells 
and to  
have a serious talk with the trees 
about things that cause the tears to pile up 
and to 
sit at the ready, to begin falling  
at a moment’s notice 
I could tell she needed space 
had seen the scowl, eyebrows low 
at times like these, she never even tries 
to filter her face 
she will wear that particular expression 
like a shield 
not so much as to keep you out 
but rather, to  
keep herself 
from any unnecessary harm 
cause I know her well enough by now to know  
at times like these,  

and often you will hear her breathing  
something like a sigh, although much more resigned 
as if maybe, she might be giving up  
but instead, this proves to be something good 
as I can tell you, this means that she  
is easing through 
and hopefully on her way back
(takes a little time) 
often, she is seen carrying things some deem 
things like sorrow and shame 
fear and foreboding 
anxiety of course, (almost always there) 
some of these things she owns, yes 
but just as often, she will volunteer 
to carry some of it 
for you 
(because she is strong) 

stands to reason though, 
that days will come 
when she just needs to withdraw a little 
into her own 
or off among the trees 
lay it down 
on days like this, I try to check in 
leave some flowers by her door 
tell her things about  
and just make sure  
that someone, leaves a light on 

for return ♥

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