Tamara Willems

telling troubles to the tulips…

How very quickly things
are subject

as this morning begins gently,
and in comfort
coffee and a book
then quite abruptly changes into
chaos and rather sudden overwhelm
the joys of a blissful quiet sit with the dogs
careens off course into patience stretched thin with the
very frailest of the bunch
and the wild rambunctious, constant pestering
who, while I am watching over one,
as well as feeding the cats
finds it necessary to once again have a nibble on someone’s earbuds
(having been left out
followed by a couple more raucous teeth marks on my arm
as I am wrestling said contraband out of his possession
my breaking point coming ever so
into view
that familiar new Mom-ness, briefly forgetting just how harry
small portions of the early days
can be

also weighing in, is the contrast of
complete joy for us
this week celebrating the engagement
of our son
and absolute heartache and concern for a friend
whose son has once again required medical attention
for something yet to be conquered
two sides of the same coin, I am currently holding

to my heart

and so…
the dogs and I
we go out to the garden, to
where spring is being gloriously bright
where I can lament a little
that things have been trampled
broken, bitten and dug
while I take a few pictures of survivors, our Gus settles down in the middle
of one
and begins to chew on a barely sprouting rose bush
I have always loved big dogs and couldn’t possibly think
of choosing one
over the other for perfection
it just wouldn’t suit, as I know well
just doesn’t work like that

we do the best we can with what we have been given
we tend to, and we cultivate
we celebrate and
we take the days of joys as well as
the days of
knowing full well, without both, we wouldn’t really be

and should we perhaps feel ourselves ever so slightly
somewhat helplessly,
to break

we just go forth into sunshine
one foot,
then the other
tell all our troubles
to the tulips
who will listen,
arms wide open, until the suns moves further away
in the sky
and they begin
closing back in
whispering words to watch over us
that we

May be well ♥

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