Tamara Willems

On my way to the garden…

Days when I have been thinking of
sending you love,
joy or maybe just the lightest touch of

I wouldn’t tell you anything at all
about the hurtful things of the world
of things we cannot solve or erase
of the marks to be left on those who have suffered
by the petty and the nasty, the hungry for more
of how we could not love our fellow (hu)man
enough not to
pillage to conquer
to death

or how desperate the narrowing minds
hardened by illusions of
came again to take away the rights to govern one’s own body
foolishly believing that this
might gain them
power, popularity

the soapbox sellers, popping up
loud opinions on show,
politics, and preachers of vile

on days when I have been thinking of
sending you love,
joy or maybe just the lightest touch of
for no other reason than to
bring you a smile, a
a feeling of arms wrapped ‘round your shoulders
someone, even something familiar
lean on or into,

probably I would be sending you pictures of
my flowers
how the light and the shadow work together to
delicate in appearance, though proving
quite strong
or a bee as he goes, tiny wings, divine beauty, pure grace
and all bumble
toads by the pond, and how often they will
snuggle together
increasing the comfort of warmth from the sun
as it shimmers on bumpy skin
maybe I would tell you something again
about our pup
how he grows, equal parts menace and
curiosity and cuteness
giving, unconditioned in nature
and taking
only the occasional bites of…
everything in sight
whether ankle or table
flesh or

if only even just for this minute
to take away that helpless feeling
the worries for your Mom
who is
or your son in his struggle for health
the brother you have lost
or your
friend who is gone
unfathomable loss, one can’t even imagine
the hearts of those who are hurting

on days like today, when I have been thinking
of sending you
I might just send you
a rainbow
found today in the garden

to lighten the load

and to marvel at how
the first cut of the rhubarb
has been ♥

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