Tamara Willems

when we come to the garden…

This morning in the garden,
I am thinking about how we
harbour shame in our bodies
how we then come to coat ourselves with this shame
as amour,
how we righteously and continuously thrust it forth
as shield
and wield it,
fiercely and vigilantly
as sword
and how in our defensive protection of this
we come to hurt others, as indeed we do
how underlying things like worthiness and belonging
set themselves centre stage
thinly costumed, disguised as rather sharp
then carried and handed off or handed
as indignation

one man who will harshly chemical his lawn
preferring burned brown patches of a conquering
over a much freer, gentler restoration
of kindness
who will then complain, loudly
in an attempt to better
while instead, poisoning the soil of his own
picture perfect, but masked

and how from outside the fenced-off areas
one will watch
a demolition unfolding
until most everything lies crumbling to dust
in the rubble

where no-one has won
and every one…

is lost

until we open up the stories of us
the things we carry
our own inherited truths
each one unique, in their own right
until we look, and we deeply listen
consciously and compassionately
without pre-conceived judgement

will we come to realize how very much
belong together
and to
each other

if we ever can expect anything fruitful
hopeful, vibrant, joyful, peaceful


to grow

we simply must learn
how best we come
to cultivate

love ♥

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